how-to-make-a-request series

Well people, i start this series of how-to-make-a-request in order for you to get your songs played and in order for the dj’s not wanting to kill some people (True story). In this series i will put some of my experiences of what happens in a disco, bar, wedding, private party or similars, places where a dj works.

Well let’s start this series with a singular and probably the best request that i had some day. I was working on a disco-bar near Schwedenplatzt in vienna. It was not so big but there was an space for people to dance. The place wasn’t so crowded but there was few people already. A guy approximate to me while I was mixing house at the moment I think. Anyways, the guy was wearing a black t-shirt decolorated by the use with a stamp of some hard metal band that i never hear about, camouflaged pants and military boots, long hair that didn’t saw a comb in a long time. He approximate to me while i was mixing and asked:

– Hey man , can you play something of slayer?

– No way man, i  don’t have that kind of music and you know is a bar and….

– Ok, ok , so… could you play something of taylor swift?

I was standing there without knowing what to say or do, totally confused. The guy that looked like a hard core metal guy totally tough was asking me to play a song of the most teeny and romantic artist that i know… something was out of place.

After few seconds of he looking at me totally serious he started to smile and i could just laugh so hard that my stomach started to hurt and i lost breathe for few seconds. The guy was just messing around with me but was so cool that i even invite him a beer. He made my night!. After that he came with some other request that were more normal and i played almost everything that he asked for. Why? because he was fun and the things that he was asking for fitted into my set.

The point of this is: If you wanna get your song played be nice and polite to the djs. We are no fucking ipods. First step to get your request played is to ask knowing that maybe you will get a no as an answer and accepting that no. Don’t come with stuff like :

– I bought a bottle of whatever so YOU HAVE TO play what i want

– It’s my birthday so YOU HAVE TO play my song

– I’m paying you so you have to do what i say.

If you come with something like that… belive me, the only thing that you will get is a special sample that i got prepaired for this kind of moments… it comes from the song of javi mula – come on … GET THE FUCK SHUT THE FUCK UP!. It’s a good idea to all my fellow djs outthere to use it if the situation needs it.

Here i leave you the song:


Disclaimer : como dice mi tia celia… my english is not very good looking.

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