sampled modern music

this will be a series of post where i’m going to explore some of the modern tracks that “borrowed” some pieces of old tracks.

Let’s start with this one: Boogie wonderland

after the first 0:47 seconds you here this part and you could totally sing

I’ve lost my fear to war and peace
I don’t mind that (the world is mine)
You took the price and realize
That to your eyes (the world is mine)

from david guetta – the world is mine

something that is understandable because of the beginnings of david guetta in music. In this case we are not talking directly of sampling because the whole song and melody in the world is mine is new but has a lot of the notes from boogie wonderland. Probably an inspiration thing. Probably david had hear boogie wonderland so much that the catchy melody stayed in his subconscious and then when writing the world is mine created something that he believed was new but was already made. Who know, only guetta knows.

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