guardians of the galaxy doritos bag

oh hell yeahhh … this bag is so amazing that i want 4 at least.

Basically doritos made a package for their product where you can hear the whole soundtrack of guardians of the galaxy 2. It’s probably the geeky nerd inside of me screaming I NEED ONE OF THEM !!! but i think this is really cool.

I’m to lazy to gave you the whole insights so… just read the link below:

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Return of an old passion – episode 19 Chillaxin’ with Dj Richi AC

Return of an old passion

podcastIcon 19 copia


Few weeks ago on a multimedia production company’s party a girl brought me to a song that i forgot and waked up and old passion. Thx to that song i’m back to the decks. Thx Elisa for the song.

Dj Richi AC

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Oh hell yeah… something that every person in the planet that was into a club know is finally proved by the science. This article of Dj mag explains exactly what i’m talking about.

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Could the model 1 break the pioneers?

I just finished to read an interview where carl cox was talking about the model 1 of Richie Hawtin and saying that the channels have no EQ… that the channels are actually filters. I just got curious and started to research… that piece of equipment looks just amazing!!! I would love to play with it or at least hear how it sounds but since there is no venue nor a store that sells that piece of art in vienna i think i will have to wait to see where this history goes.


For more info (and maybe frustration if you don’t have the 2550£ that the mixer cost) go to:

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“see” a song in a paint

There is this condition where people see color in music. This artist paints based on this colors and the result is just genius.


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Song that were covers…

It’s really interesting for me to discover this cover thing. Sometimes the covers are better than the original and some others the original is unbeatable. What do you think ? . Other thing is the fact that some genres are really different from the original.

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The long question


So finally the question has a real answer… The Djs that play hip-hop are serato fans and the ones that plays with traktor are house addicts (as me).

If the infograph is not showing well… click the link, I promise is no porn!

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